If you can’t or don’t want to complete the Call It Out Register online,  you can find downloadable questions forms (including in Easy Read) on our Resources page.


We know that First Nations people experience racism and discrimination, but its true extent is not understood. By ‘calling out’ racism on this register, you are helping to tell the true story of racism in this country. This will enable us and community leaders to continue the fight against racism and protect future generations.


Racial discrimination is the different treatment of a person based on their cultural background, skin colour or race. All experiences and incidents of racism against First Nations people can be recorded through this register, including:


  • Racism or discrimination
  • Race hate
  • Hate speech or comments
  • Vilification
  • Bias or prejudice
  • Stereotyping
  • Any other experience
  • Institutional or structural discrimination based on race


The First Nations Racism Register is a simple and secure way for people to report incidents of racism and discrimination toward First Nations Peoples. The individual reports are collected and analysed by the Jumbunna Research to inform an annual report which will help raise awareness and drive systematic change.