Welcome to the First Nations Racism Register! A register to report racism and discrimination experienced by First Nations Peoples.

About our work

The register provides a simple and secure way for people to report or ‘call out’ incidents of racism and discrimination toward First Nations Peoples. The data is held securely by the Jumbunna Institute. Information is collected and held in confidence to be used on an anonymous basis within published research and statistical reporting of racism. No individual will ever be identified.

Our purpose is to collect information on racism, including how it is experienced, how often it is occurring and the impact it is having on people. This information will inform evidence-based research that enables us to report on racism and its impacts, inform anti-racism action, support the response of First Nations organisations and leaders and educate the wider community. Our aim is to prepare an annual public report outlining frequency and nature of reported incidents of racism. We see the First Nations Racism Register as a long term project that can progressively impact public policy into the future.

The register follows in the footsteps of Jewish and Muslim groups who collect and report on anti-Semitic and Islamophobic incidents. We thank those communities for their support in developing this register.

For more information about how we use the reports made on this register and how we protect your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.


University of Technology Sydney Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research


The Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research (Jumbunna Research) aims to produce the highest quality research on Indigenous legal and policy issues and to develop highly skilled Indigenous researchers.

Jumbunna Research manages and analyses the information collected through the register to produce quality reports and academic literature.

National Justice Project


The National Justice Project is a civil rights organisation dedicated to tackling systemic injustice and racism. Our ultimate goal is to create a more equitable society and fairer societal systems for First Nations peoples and others in need.

The National Justice Project worked with the initial project team to develop the register.