Welcome to the First Nations Racism Register! A register to report racism and discrimination experienced by First Nations Peoples.

First Nations Racism Register - Privacy Policy

March 2022

What type of information do we collect about you and why do we need it?

We directly collect information from you when you use the First Nations Racism Register
(Register) to report racism, discrimination and race hate. We ask for your contact name and
email or phone number because it is necessary for verification purposes, and to be able to
contact you about your experience, if you consent for us to do so (we ask you for this consent
just before you click to submit your report in the Register). This is because we need to be able
to verify that you are a person and are genuinely making a report to the register. If you do not
provide us with your contact name and email or phone number, we are unable to use your
report in research and publications.

We also collect information about you by asking you questions of your experience of racism,
discrimination and race hate. We have carefully worded the questions to avoid identification of
anyone involved (such as perpetrators and/or witnesses).

We collect your information to help us understand and take action against the racism which is
directed at First Nations people in the community.

Who are we and how will we use your information?

The Register is part of the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, in
partnership with the National Justice Project at the University of Technology Sydney. We will
use non-identifying information that you provide in your report to help us raise awareness and to
drive systematic change. We may do this by publishing our findings from reports made on the
Register, in statistical reports, research, publications, on the Jumbunna or National Justice
Project websites, social media accounts, subscriber emails, speaking at events, in public
advocacy, annual reports, media releases and supporter updates.

We will only ever contact you if you let us know that you are happy for us to do so. You can
withdraw this consent at any time – see how you can do this at “Who can you contact if you have
any questions about how we are using your information?” below.

How will we store your information?

Only our researchers will have access to your information. Our researchers are bound by
confidentiality obligations in dealing with your information. Your information will be securely
stored on databases that are password protected and with strict access controls. The data
collected by the Register is currently stored on servers in Singapore.

Will we share your information with anyone else?

If other advocates or organisations request information collected through this Register, we will
determine whether it is appropriate to share information with them, separate from any
information already publicly available (see “Who are we and how will we use your information?”
above). If we do share any information with third parties it will never include your personal
information and any identifying details will be removed.

Will anyone ever know that the information disclosed in your report is about

Your name and email address or phone number will not be stored with the information about
your experience that you report in the Register. Only our researchers will be able to see your
contact details (and subject to strict controls – see “How will we store your information?” above).
Any findings that we publish or report on from your experience will never identify you and will
always be made on an aggregated basis (for example, “Five people reported racial abuse by
their employers in the last year”).

How long will we keep your information for?

Once we have verified the information relating to your report, we do not keep any identifiable
information about you in the Register after 18-months, unless you have consented for us to be
able to contact you. We will securely hold all other non-identifying information in your report for
ongoing research purposes, such as those in the public interest and for historical research

What rights do you have over your information?

You can ask us at any time to access or correct the information that we hold about you or that
you have shared in the register – see how you can do this at “Who can you contact if you have
any questions about how we are using your information?” below.

Who can you contact if you have any questions about how we are using
your information?

First Nations Racism Register
Research Unit – Jumbunna Institute for Education & Research UTS

You can also contact the Research Unit at Jumbunna if you change your mind about any
information you have provided to the Register or if you are not comfortable for us to contact you.
You can let us know at any time that you would prefer we didn’t.